Who have their sex drive drop from birth control?

What were you on and what did you regulation to? Did it help?

Answers:    My sex drive did not drop, but my friends did she be on the shot. I use to take mercette and i never have any problems.
It's all within your head. every type of birth control lowers your sex drive .. it is comletely run of the mill and it also gives you a bigger appetite .. so monitor out for not eating too much ... if you start getting hedaches on them afterwards go straight to your dr xx accurate luck
I did. I can't take birthcontrol. They adjectives do that to me. Birth control makes me insane.. i abhor being on it! I'm other angry and irritable, and like you said no sex drive. I enjoy been on ortho cept, yasmine, orth cylen, alesse and the patch. Those are newly the ones i can remember.. Nothing made it better! I quit the pill. Your body usually regulates your hormones, which is as it was intended. Often the pill is used to force period to be regular. I've seen women receive their lives messed up forever using hormone bc, as well as the coil and iud. Women hold had difficulties adjectives the way up to biggies, approaching loosing their uterus. The pill can be very terrifying. I get suicidal on it. When I be choosing a bc method, I researched them all. What I come up with be the diaphragm. It works without hormones so you don't shutting down up with these huge Natzi hormones overthrowing and controlling your fluent cycle. It's like a feminine condom, you can't feel or see it and neither can he. You put a bit spermacide on the rim, which seals it and kill any trouble makers. If you follow directions as to how to use it and do so exactly, it's as potent as the pill, on the pregnancy part, maybe better. The doctor will fit you to get the right size and to show you how to put it within and remove it. It's easier than to remember to take a pill everyday when you’re not gonna hold sex everyday. You just hold to remember it when you’re going to have sex. If you forget it, unsurprisingly it doesn’t work at all. If period are an issue regarding sex, it won't be anymore. The diaphragm holds the blood over dark. It was my favorite bc method. However resembling the pill, it doesn't protect against std's, or the possibility of getting a disease that will kill you.
physicians assistant
I be first on the patch and didn't have a sex drive drop, but when I switched to the pill I did. I be taking Ortho Novum.

If you have Comcast on Demand, here is a whole segment on this finicky topic under the Health/Sex Section. It's vastly interesting and there is no levy to watch any of their topics at hand.
My sex drive has be close to nothing, and I assumed it be hormonal and from my birth control (I am on apri). But I asked the doctor last time I be there something like switching to something else, and she said that it probably WASN'T the pill doing it because the type I am on is such a low dose. Maybe it is all contained by my head...though I'm still not entirely convinced the pill isn't part of a set of the problem. I have have friends with duplicate problem and their doctor put them on a mild anti-depressant to counter the effects of the pill. But I don't know how comfortable I would be with tallying MORE drugs... OTC lo definately sucked as far as my libido .. I switched to Yasmin and now Levora (both which rock for libido)
I individually haven't had this problem, but merely because I have the Paraguard IUD which doesn't contain hormones. Any type of birth control that DOES enjoy hormone (including Mirena IUD) can affect your sex drive, you appetite, your peiod and PMS symptoms, some women experience weight gain, etc. The effects come and go from person to being and also depend on type and dosage of hormone. But unfortunately, this is a moderately normal recoil to any hormone based birth control. Your body should eventually adjust and side effects will lessen as that happen, but if not the best entry is to talk to your doctor just about other options, any hormones based or non-hormonal.

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