When I Masturbate, I Reach Orgasm In Less Than 3 Mins. Is It Normal?

I masturbate only by stimulating clitoris because my hymen isn't broken and I can't own vaginal masturbation. will I have orgasm during intercourses?

Answers:    I'd influence it's pretty likely. In my experience that's a virtuous response time. Some women have told me it can bear them 10 minutes or more and those same women usually have trouble climaxing contained by intercourse.

Now the question is, can you hold more than one in a little span? Some women seem to be constrained to one, others as many as they own endurance to stand.

Nope, not a OB/GYN, but I am a semi-pro hypnotist (unlicensed) and I've have clients with adjectives sorts of problems & issues, especially in this sort of nouns. So I'm not an expert, but I do know a lot of bits & pieces of information that apply.

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3 MINS? Sometimes it only take me 3 seconds, ha ha!
As for vaginal orgasms, they are a full different story, for me anyway.

They feel totally different to clitoral orgasms, much more of a "unharmed body" experience and not always as undemanding to achieve but powerfully worth the effort.

Although, sometimes you basically want the DIY version, know what I aim?
During the intercourse also, the stimulation of clitoris, plays the role, and u r going to get the orgasm, but u will own to let it become the regular course. In the initial time. u may feel awkward.

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