PCOS? Help!!?

I have be diagnosed w/ pcos polycystic ovaries syndrome.
I want to hear from those familiar w/ this. similar to the statistics can I have kids how to treat it how to live w/ it any oblige please.

Answers:    I have PCOS and enjoy had it for abundant years. I was told I could hold kids by getting on some very makeshift fertility drugs.. not the kind that trademark you get pregnant near 6 kids ;)

I never felt that I be in a relationship that I considered necessary kids, however I'm in one in a minute, and I'm pretty old to be trying (42).

The treatment so far is to whip Metformin (Glucophage is the brand name) which helps our bodies become more streamlined in the use of our insulin. Part of this disease is that most of us are what they give the name HyperInsulinism.. which means we produce too much insulin, and not ample properly to handle what we chomp through.

I would strongly suggest that if you want children... follow a basic diabetic plan, whip your metformin the way it's directed, and get hold of on the light fertility pills and afterwards I am sure you'll need some other things once you catch pregnant.

Anyway, there are some great sites out here for this kind of info. I do preference you luck, and don't worry, it's module of your life in a minute, so just adopt that and move on to your goal :)
See this site with pure help for it. Are you overweight?

See that site that dude above give you. PCOS can be painful - amazingly. Birth control really helps stop the progression of PCOS because it stops ovulation. No ovulation, no follicles sticking to your ovaries.
I hold endometriosis, PCOS and ovarian cysts. I have without question that I'll be able to enjoy children when I'm ready, and I know you will too. It'll in recent times have to be hugely planned, and you might have to pocket a few drugs to make it work.
Keep a fitting attitude and listen to your doctor, if you don't treat the PCOS, that's when you run the risk of being unqualified to have children. Take the pill, even if you don't want to, lug it. It can also control unwanted hair growth. Watch your sugar intake too. You'll be fine.
I'm in actual fact going to take the shot that puts you into menopause for a year or two because the throbbing between my conditions has gotten too excruciating, even after several surgeries.
There is a surgery for PCOS, the drill holes in your ovaries within the hopes that the folicles can escape through the holes. The problem is that they only do this as a finishing resort because the risk for scar tissue is great and that can exact more problems than the PCOS itself. I had this done within July. The jury is still out.
I'm not familiar near this, but here is a portal to several support groups


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