Could this be Menopause or perimenopause?

Im 26 years old and i hold been have this incredibly HOT sensation starting around my chest/neck area and it freshly works its way up! Ive also be getting dizzy a lot which is irregular for me. My last interval was markedly heavy. I go through a super absorbancy tampon in an hour to no more than 2 hours! At hours of darkness i take forever to carry to sleep and then i downfall up waking up stale and on all dark. ITS CRAZY and i will just be sweating approaching crazy. And no i am not imagining this any! I would be drenched in sweat. Can a 26 year elderly go through menopause or hold the symptoms of menopause? If not, WTF is this? Its annoying as hell!

SERIOUS people one and only please. And people who know something nearly the subject. My mom went through menopause impulsive...she had REALLY chunky periods and hot flashes and afterwards ended up have to have a hysterectomy! I know if your mom go through it you have a well brought-up chance to shift through early as capably.

Answers:    Not all hot flashes and symptoms of menopause are cause by it. Hormones ! they are the bain of us women. You might just be have hormonal fluctuations. I suggest you see your GYN as soon as you can. Its true, if your mom went impulsive, you may as well. BUT, beside today's modern medicine, we can avoid the drastic hysterectomies. Besides, you will still hold meno. symptoms even with the surgery.
speak to your doctor !!
I've heard of women who step through early menopause. Don't really know much around it, but these websites should give you some info. hope this help

http://womenshealth.give or take a

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