WIll undisputed BCs not effect your sex drive as unsuccessfully as others?

I'm on Yaz and my sex drive has disappeared.

Answers:    I switched from cyclessa to yasmin and my sex drive increased. It probably depends on how you one-sidedly react to the different hormones. If it is a big problem for you, afterwards you might want to try a pill with a different type of hormone surrounded by it.
I don't know but on mine I have notice almost zero side effects. No counterweight gain, breakouts, mood swings, spotting.. nothing. However I reckon my sex drive has gone up a short time ago a touch. But yes different birth controls can have this effect on different relatives, you may have to switch a couple times till you find one that works for you.

I believe I am on the generic form of allesse call lutera if u want to look it up.

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