Breast Lumps?

i am 18years old and a 34DD. i own had a lump surrounded by both breasts for about a year very soon. they are both about the size of a plum and exactly equal in respectively breast. is this something to worry something like? or is it just muscle?

Answers:    please don't listen to ANY of the proposal on YA, and go see a doctor - it's better to go and get this checked out now

flawless luck! ;)
Yummy go to a doctor. it could be breast cancer
those aren't breasts they are giant tumors yeah... budge to the doctor. it could be cancer.
Go to a doctor u could possibly have breast cancer or a tumor.

Get very well
first, havnt been to the doctor first?? you HAVE to turn a soon as possabile. second, wow it could just be tissue which is hormonal but i would take straight to the doctor...ASAP

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