Orgasm for the first time?

umm yeah how long does it take for a beginer surrounded by masturbation to get a orgasm?

Answers:    sometimes culture go ther total life and dont hold an orgasm... just gotta find wat turns you on supose... correct luck
It all depends...u necessitate to find out wot u like and wot turns you on etc

Once u digit out wot is best for you, you should have one no bother and when u choose cos i find i can bring on an orgasm or hindrance it.
x x x
if its something your really looking forward to and thinking about alot,it won't lift very long at adjectives,try a nice warm tub,turn out light and explore,20 mins to 30mins tops In Men around 1 second. In women it takes tolerance and practice but it is worth it.
I'm 20 and have never have one. Let me know when you find out.

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