Pregnancy or Plan B sideeffect?

hi, i know there are up to hundreds question concerning pregnancy, and i have took the time to read a few, but none seem to be to fit wut i ma goin through... please tell me your view on whether u think its plan B side effect or Implantation bleeding

my interval last month occur on the 26th. on the 4th of this month me and my partner had unprotected sex, where on earth he used the withdrawal method. Obv. since that method never ruin up well, i go and bought Plan B the next sunshine, 5th. me and my partner had sex again ultimate night (protected), it be a bit more rough than the other times. but today (11th), i noticed bright red blood on my panty, and cramps started... i am two weeks previously i am due for my next term... now, four hours after that, the bleeding seemed to stop, i am worried presently... did the bleeding result from intercourse? Plan B? or pregnancy...

anything would help.. thank you guys

Answers:    Chances are since you took the Plan B, you will be ok - BUT - in that is still a chance.

Here's the concord:

Plan B will mess with your cycle big time. You may step a whole month in need a real pregnancy - more than that and you really call for to get a preg theory test.

It COULD be implantation bleeding, but it could just be the Plan B messing things up.

Wait 4 weeks to the year you took Plan B and then appropriate a preg test to be sure. (That's what they would recount you at the gyno - I called and asked when I took Plan B.)

Good Luck!

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