Pill Side Effects. Decreased sex drive..?

other than nausia on the 3rd row of evey set of pills, I own been experiancing decrease sex drive. I am on my second month of pills, will this last long? or can i hold the relief of knowing it will bump stern up to my normal on top form appatite..

Answers:    Could be a side effect that goes away or sticks around -you don't know till you get hold of there.

BC pill side effects rise and fall person to individual and last for different amounts of time. My sex drive go UP on the pill! (So it's different for everyone!)
you might have to be put on a different type of pill your body is purely getting use to the hormonses in the pill you might want to progress check with your docter almost a different pill
I've been have this problem too! Had this problem on my very first prescription, afterwards the middle 2 prescriptions were ok, but taken stale due to other adverse reactions...and very soon this one has completely taken my sex drive away :( Hoping it will come pay for but it's causing issues between the bf and I.

What birth control pill are you on?? I'm on Yasmin at the moment
Oh hold I been here. I was on OrthoLo for similar to four months and it completely zapped my sex drive. After some internet searching I found out that some doctors consider that taking oral BC causes increased binding between sex hormones and some proteins (thereby decreasing sex drive). This is due to the route oral BC is broken down in the liver (increasing sex hormone binding proteins). There are estimates that scope between 5-10% of women experiencing decreased sex drive from oral contraceptives.

The problem (if this is contained by fact the casing for you) is that it does not go away. The more oral BC you embezzle, the higher the height of sex hormone binding protein becomes within your body, meaning your sex drive won't bounce rear legs til you stop taking the pills. Non-oral contraceptives are thought to have smaller amount of an effect on the libido because the hormones are released directly into the bloodstream and do not need to be broken down contained by the liver.

I switched to the NuvaRing (It's a wierd concept at first but oh wow is it so much easier. I'm terrible for remembering to rob pills at exactly the same time respectively day so solely having to verbs about birth control once a month is amazing.) After a couple weeks my sex drive be back surrounded by an upswing and I'm pretty much normal immediately. The other option for non-oral hormonal bc is the patch but beside the whole excess estrogen article you may want to think twice going on for that one!

Hope everything works out!!

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