Please give support to? Im experiencing a problem next to my extent.?

m 20 years old and I get my period give or take a few two weeks early. It started out simply being a bloody, lighting discharge and then get a little heavier as the subsequent couple of days went on. It still wasn't adjectives that heavy though. Nothing a pantiliner couldn't control... It go on for about ten days, one the heaviest when going to the bathroom. It finally stopped, but then 3 days after that started back up again. Now its repeating itself adjectives over. I have never have trouble with my term before. Any proposal?

Answers:    stop worrying, could be stress or the weather.
just tolerate it go near the flow, periods hold a way of freakin
women out, dont consent to it.
go to the doctor.that doesnt nouns normal are you on the pill? Maybe you should see a doc they will know how to sort it out for you:)
u might have a tumor on your ovarie my friend have the same promblem and thats what it could be See a doctor.
im dont own mine yet (stiill a impulsive teen) but i have to suggest you to appointment your docter. making an appointment ay be too drastic but you should call and see if anythings wrog. it may dissapear soon, but save your eye on a constant watch. Ive never experienced it but i would say aloud the wisest thing to do is to see a doctor, dont be panicky, it could either be a hormonal point, irregularity is regularity or whatever else, See a doc though and dont stress roughly speaking it :)
DOCTOR DOCTOR see a doctor ive know several people that hold had problems similar to this..things to chew over about 1. peculiar amounts of stress 2. sexual activity
3. hulking amount of salt or unhealth foods
4. metamorphose in excercise or hum
i can't say what to do, but i have bleeding when it wasn't my period, so i be scared to death-

i go to the ob/gyn and she said it was stress-it never happen again

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