Orgasm, I muse?

So everytime i thikn of him i get a hunch down there, I regard I am having an orgasm but i don't know. as soon as I ponder about him, it immediatly comes and when I stop it go away just as briskly. This has never happen this frequently and intense over someone and I thought I was into other guys earlier this. It feels approaching it is really hot down there and close to, pressure, and it's a good reaction but its sometimes too intense like Im going to keel over.

My ask is, why would this all of a sudden be occurring with this guy and not beside others that I was interested surrounded by and is what I am describing an orgasm or is it just one aroused and what does it mean contained by regards to this exceptional person?

Oh and, I am a virgin and ill-equipped for sex if that affects the answer at all. Thanks.

Answers:    Definitely not an orgasm.

When you orgasm, your cervix spasms - and you conspicuously feel that. Basically, it "dips" the space of your cervix into your vaginal wall. This is Mother Nature's way of encouraging semen into your uterus, providing near is some there at the time of your orgasm.

Most expected, what you are feeling is a rush of blood to your feminine parts. That's what's creating the prssure and the heat. And it get intense at times.

You are aroused by that one particular guy. You might find other guys attractive (or not), but it's that one guy surrounded by particular who make you swoon. What does this say going on for this particular guy? It say that he has some traits or virtues that you find really appealing. Perhaps it's his eyes or his smile. Maybe the sun caught his silhouette just the right channel one day and something going on for his body turned you on.

You sound close to you have a hearty respect for your body and aren't afraid of asking sensitive questions. I expect you'll relish a healthy and festive sex life when you're organized.

Good luck! :)
You'll know what an orgasm is when it happens. I am gonna want some video before i can diagnose.
I focus it is just getting aroused when you cogitate about him... i catch like that when i cogitate about absolute guys too Are you touching yourself? If not, I think you're freshly getting a feeling of anyone turned on. With an orgasm there is a build up and after a huge release.
definitely not an orgasm, but you are incredibly aroused. maybe you are basically going through a stage in puberty if you are still a teen (sorry if you aren't) or he could merely be more attractive to you. I'm a guy but i am pretty sure you are not having an orgasm you are only aroused. And it might be happening immediately because you are getting more mature.
i presume its more of arouse then orgasm cus when you grasp an orgasm youll know you had one its too intence to miss. and possibly you like this guy more afterwards you liked otheres or your hormons started to develope beside this guy cus your young and never know when the hormons will see in. its not a desperate thing so soak up it. and hwen you get that emotion rub your clitoris and maybe youll find a real orgasm and catch addicted like the rest of us That is a moment ago feeling aroused. You will KNOW if you hold an orgasm..and I guess that you are just style more attracted to this guy than the others.
well if it be an orgasm then it would quality really good and if its a short time ago when u thin around him it shouldnt be an orgasm u could just achieve nervouse or some thing allong that dash the earth will move when it happen
It's probably not an orgasm. Really, you will know when you've had an orgasm. You are probably getting moderately aroused and would eventually reach an orgasm upon arousal. It is completely majority to be attracted to guys and to get this hunch. It's a natural and highly pleasant feeling. if your subsequent door neighbors need a cigarette when your done--it's adjectives good!
i completely know what you are chitchat about and ill-fatedly it is not an orgasm you'll definatly know, and have without a doubt about it when you do own one Not an orgasm because IF YOU DID you would have to press the feeling.
Hmmm sounds close to what you're having is the 'horn'.
It's extremely unusual for a inexperienced woman to have an orgasm short stimulation...

You'll certainly know it when it happen! I thought the same spinal column in the daylight, then realised what a concrete one was a couple of years ago... Million times better than what you're have!
It is just an arousal, not an orgasm. To acquire an orgasm, you don't need to enjoy sex, you can get it by yourself.

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