My Girlfriend Told Me Females Who aren't 'Crazy' over Sex are Mostly Those Who Have Never Had Orgasm. True?

I personally reckon this makes sense because you cannot hold big interest in something if you never experience the best entity about it. The just motivation you have is only just curiosity or pressure.

My girlfriend also said if women can get great orgasm as comfortable as men there will probably be far more womanly than male sexual offender in this world because surrounded by her horniest state a woman is much less competent to control her desire. (LOL that sounds kinda funny and creepy at the same time)

Answers:    I don't believe that's true. I've had an orgasm but I'm not "crazy" over sex. I delight in it, for sure. But it's not like I can't stop thinking almost it 24/7 or anything. It's all roughly speaking hormones (testosterone). A male body produces 20 times more of that hormone than a womans body.

Here... read this it explains why men are "crazy" over sex, and women... smaller quantity so.
That's a matter of view. I agree. I hear there are deeply of women whom have never experienced an orgasm and if they know they would want it more. I do, LOL!
Well I have have many plentiful many of them but I don't enjoy a crazy sex drive, i'd say it's just about normal, i'm not nympho if that's why she's truism!

I certainly don't enjoy the urge to molest people anyway. I once in a blue moon think give or take a few sex... Not all women are porn stars...
That is desperate information; VERY bad. This should provide some correct insight - please read:

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