I hold have HPV and have a leep procedure done nearly a year ago, conceivably for a while more...haven't gotten a pap?

smear since then. Do you imagine that there is a casual I have cervical cancer. I own an appointment to get a pap smear on March 3rd, to be precise the earliest they can get me contained by, but I am really scared.

Answers:    uhm...anything can ensue once you've been diagnosed beside HPV. Seriously..don't wait to get hold of this Pap done. Go to your nearest Planned Parenthood and they should be able to fit you within within a year or two (at least the one by me does). Any results can be forwarded to your regular OB/GYN. I wouldn't verbs too much, but there is other a chance.
HPV increases the change of cervical cancer, but that doesn't mean you'll absolutely have cancer, lately good luck and don't stress it if you enjoy cancer they will just remove it beside a different procedure and they will put you to sleep so you don't feel anything. it's an graceful and fast procedure next to little down time. if you ahve cancer it's just a touch spot to be removed. no reason to be afraid. newly DON'T smoke!!
i had impossible to tell apart thing done 3 months ago! I be told I have to be in the every 3 to 4 month to gain a pap done!! I do think nearby is a chance that its cancer by presently! I get my paps every year similar to clock work! I went from ultimate year of nothing to this year near stage 3 pre cancers cell! that panicky the holy sh** out me!

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