I took Pregnancy experiment and it be unenthusiastic, still no spell?

I took a pregnancy test yesterday and the testing was gloomy. However, I haven't had my interval since November of 2007. I have a steady boyfriend for 2 years and I own been have unprotected sex with him. Also I be diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago.

Answers:    Since you enjoy PCOS, you should go to the doctor to rule out pregnancy. Also if you are not pregnant next the doctor can give you medication to regulate your interval again.
go to your doc's and return with a blood test to rule out pregnancy and consequently they will be able to supply you something to start your period angelic luck hi, i was diagose beside PCOD not long ago, last year i didnt come on term for 4 months, did test it be negg, so lefted it thinking come on. i did, wasnt my period have a miss. i was shocked, horrible entry to see. with pcod its easier said than done to detect if u r. best advice wish medical . tell them u enjoy pcod. and that u not come on yet. hope thats lend a hand
Best bet is to go win a blood test. Its the lone POSITIVE way to check for it and rule it out if thats what you want as you would expect. Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate you might be stressed out that might be the source why you ha vent gotten your period. or your condition could be the explanation why you not getting your period. but simply to make sure budge to the doctor and check yourself out. or you could be pregnant but it wont show on a pi-st test it will simply show on a blood test so i would articulate go to the doctor anyways.
If you want to see a doctor, travel to a planned parenthood clinic, they can usually help out you out. I would check out alternative therapy for fertility issues. It is probably due to the PCOS. I hold POF and I couldn't find any help near the doctors. I would check into chinese medicine to see if within are some dietary changes that you can formulate to help your situation. Sounds crazy but it have helped for me. Check out this connect: http://www.thefertilesoul.com/About_Us/B... The book is the Infertility Cure. It is very nifty with dealing next to women's issues. Check it out at the library if you can.

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