Birth Control..?

Does birth control make your hormones bluster??

info please!

Answers:    I was super-emotional the first month I be on the pill. Mood swing city. I also had no desire at adjectives to have sex (probably because I be such a wreck most of the time).
After the first month, my body started to adjust to the new hormone level, and gradually the frequency of mood swings go back down, and my desire for sex go back up. Now, after 6 months of one on the pill, I'm really no different than I was simply before I started.

I also know women who never experienced any change in mood or sex drive when on the pill, and women who have to stop taking the pill because it was affecting their moods and such too much. No two bodies are going to counter exactly the same, so it's best of late to talk to a doctor around it.
no, they actually might lower your sex drive but that hasn't happen for me yet. hahahahaha
raging hormones come near menopause...scary stuff
some women find bc make them hornier, whereas some women find it decreases the urges, and finally in attendance are most women who say it stays duplicate, they have no more or smaller amount urge to have that the "raging" hormones you be referring to?
depends on what you mean by bluster. every woman is different. my coworker can't take the pill because it make her very stormy and a bit crazy. but she can use the ring. and frankly i like her better on the ring
I'm on the pill and it hasn't effect my behavior at all uh it depends on the it didnt but it did bring in my period longer grrrr
Yes it can.

What type of birth control?
what friend?... lol

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