PMS Problems?

Every two weeks I am PMSing (when I am ovolating and when I am actualy on my period.) I stir into a deep depression and can't acquire motivated to do anything. I am a college student and it is really affecting my classes. I can't go to class today and be around relations. I can't take medication of any munificent with out it making me sick. What should I do?

Answers:    You could try to lug the birth control pill. It's an effective process to limit and control your bodily functions.

If you're really against taking medication, you could get your tubes tied if you're really against your time of year, but that's a long term effect that'll finishing you the rest of your life, so I don't recommend that.

The singular other good path that's not a long term effect is that tons women stop ovulating once they get into great physical shape. Their bodies use too much vim on their physical shape that their bodies just don't ovulate.
you should receive an appointment to see your GP

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