Is it possible to lose 4-6 pant sizes by summer (in 4 months)??

I am 5'4"-ish, around 230 lbs, and about a size 16/18 and would close to to get down to a size 10/12. Are sit ups/crunches, and walking the stairs ample??

PLEASE, I don't want to hear anything about eating/nutrition, because I've already gotten that taken precision of. I need some exercises I can do at home. And if I can do them near my 11-month old, that's a huge plus!

Thanks! ;^)

Answers:    Honestly, sit-ups and crunches probably aren't doing to do anything excluding make your put money on hurt. You might get some vicious awesome ab muscles, but they'll be hidden below the layer of excess weight. To get rid of oil, you're going to need to do cardio.
I'd natter to your doctor. S/he might know some good exercises you can do within the comfort of home, or they might be able to recommend a DVD or something that have exercises you can do inside with controlled space. I'd also make sure to collaborate about your weight-loss goal. 4-6 pant sizes in 4 months might not be a strong option for you. Yes, it'd be great to be skinnier, but is it worth anyone sick?


yep i tink they would be enough.

you could gain some of them exercise videos. you could swot it at the same time as your 11 yr matured

hope ive helped hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
That's really solitary 2 sizes. You really need to do cardio and strength training. If you want to do it at home, Taebo is really polite. I did that when I was contained by high conservatory and really liked it. It help to tone and lose weight. Weights are really devout also. It helps to build muscle, which surrounded by turn helps to burn more podginess.
I am 5'4 and I was 230lbs. I own lost 50lbs in give or take a few 4-5 months. and still loosing. I lost most of my weight by hose and juice fast. But that was simply to get my body into bulk loss drive. I was contained by a 22 and now a 14/16. My favorite item has be belly dancing. I am getting a flat stomach and getting my nice curves vertebrae. I also use pilates. But the belly dancing make you use muscles in your stomach you never even know you had. I also use to lay down on my put money on, bring my knees up, lay my kids against my lower legs, hold their arms and lift my legs up and down. Talk something like hurt, and they loved it. They are now 3 and 4 and course too big for that. Now I put them on my back and do pushups and hold them while doing squats. The prescription ball have also been a huge minister to. I work everything with that. I try to do these three things and rotate them to save the body guessing. But I still do my belly dancing almost everyday, only just because it is fun. Hope this helps. Good luck!!1

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