Serious PMS request for information, how can I ...?

INTERRUPT my period I'm currently on Birth Control but my interval is this week and Valentines is coming! and my husband and I have a reservations to a hotel to hold a romantic night away from our son. AND my term is going to kill our plans! what can i do to interrupt it PLEASE HELP!

Answers:    Depends on what birth control you are on. If you are on a triphasic pill, resembling ortho tri-cylen, where respectively week is a different level of hormones consequently you can skip the placebos and go straight to the third week of live pills. With other types of the pill, you would just skip the placebo week and keep hold of going to skip your period. The following website will update you how to miss your period on different birth control pills...
holla at ya boi! MIDOL
You can be "romantic" using other parts of your body. YOU cannot interrupt your spell, just be creative and give pleasure to him other ways. Unfortunelitly it is going to come when it needs to, in that is nothing that you can do to stop it. I am sorry hone.
You can still hold a good time even though you will be on your monthly, any that or try and move your plans till next week when your extent is over.
You could continue to cart your birth control pills rather than appropriate the sugar pills when it's your period. I'm not sure if that will work but you can try! sorry mommy, but aunt flow is gona preserve it goin.
maybe itll be gone by thursday?

that's impossible.

but, dampen stops the blood from flowing. try the hotel hottub.
Nothing! I am in equal boat. I guess he gets lucky and you are SOL. Maybe he can dispense you a nice massage. don't lug the birth control pills that trigger your period...instead skip those on verbs with your subsequent months cycle..
WIsh I knew because mine is due on Valentines also, and that will ruin some things next to my boyfriend and I also. Sucks doesnt it =( Questions been asked up to that time at...
This is why I LOVE NuvaRing. Planned periods! Just clutch your ring out at the end of the 3 weeks and put a unknown one in. You will not receive your period.
instead of taking the end 7 days of "sugar pills", go straight on to your subsequent pack of birth control pills. ummm.I honestly don't think u should stop your time, it's a natural article that your body needs to jump threw to continue opperating at it's high point and, it's not smart to force your self to stop going threw your menstration cycle, sorry, but give him a rainfall check for the sex and have a romantic dinner and movie instead:(
Instead of worrying more or less how YOU can fix this, leave it up to your doctor because they will know what to do. Don't rely on others--you may return with some BAD advice and pause up getting pregnant when you don't want to.
SEE YOUR DOCTOR--or a nurse practitioner.
Good luck andhappy Valentine's day!
If you're on the pill form of birth control I've read within several magazines that skipping over the different colored pills you lift on the week of your period and continuing on near the regular ones will result in skipping that months spell. Keep taking you pill, if you don't stop for your break, you shouldn't get your term, good luck xx
you know, you CAN do the dirty while on your time. its not a big deal.

purloin a shower together while in the hotel room, that process it won't be as gross.

also, if i were you... bring the depo shot.
you can read about it here:

it take away your period for 3 months, consequently you have to draw from another one. lol

hope this helps. =]
Have you already started taking the placebos? If not, consequently simply skip them and start a fresh pack of pills right away. You MIGHT still experience breakthrough bleeding so be prepared.this isn't a fool proof method.

If you're already taking the placebos, stop, and start a new pack of pills today. You might still be spotting, so prepared.

Also, be aware that if you are already using the placebos, next your cycles are going to be screwed up from here on out, as far as when you'll stop/start your pills & period.
You can still enjoy sex on your period. Just whip a romantic shower afterwards. It all wash away. Keep taking the "active" pills...take one right immediately because if you wait to long it won't stop your term..some birth controls like MINE don't allow me to interrupt my spell because of the low estrogen in it...but yeah throw out your sugar pills and uncap a new pack of pills

Who told you perriod is row to enjoy sex. The fines moment would be interrupted time to enjoy sex minus having unease of pregnency. But you have to maintain some lubricating oil aside your bed .. to use when he enter his rod to her hole POSTPONE your plans until next week. There is no hard to please day to this.
Keep taking your pills close to normal. You can still own intercourse while on your period. Put a towel on the bed below you to catch any leak. Blood will come out if you soak it in cold hose down. Take a shower together both before sex as chunk of foreplay and after sex to clean everything up. You can still enjoy alot of fun and sex even though you are on your period. Whatever you do do not metamorphose the way you nick your birth control pills it will knock your system all out of whack.

Have fun.

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