Is Yasmin Birth Control Okay??(Ladies)?

The doc prescribed me yasmin birth control I often become thoroughly sleepy and can't eat approaching I usually could because I get full prompt.

Answers:    I used to think that women be insane about their BCP and the symptoms they be having...until I tried Yasmin. I be on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen for 8 years and then switched to Yasmin because I'd hear that it helped beside water retention (Yasmin have diuretic type properties). Turns out, the same point that gives it it's diuretic properties, can also mess near your potassium levels, which can within turn cause heart problems. If you are prescribed Yasmin, be paid sure that you DR. does a blood draw periodically to check your potassium levels. Other than that, I have no other issues with Yasmin such as individual overly sleepy or feeling full. Needless to vote, I've switched to Loestrin FE 24 and it's amazing so far.
Yes it is fine. I am on it. I have never have those problems, however. Sounds like you may hold another medical condition or something because those are not symptoms due to the birth control. Normally you may feel sick, but to be exact about it. I would set up another appointment beside your family doctor if the condition persist or gets worse.

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