Birth Control sound out. Please abet?

Been on BC for YEARS... i was on leave a couple weeks ago and attempted to skip my period for the first time by continuing my pills. Well it worked for the first week my spell was skipped.. it worked for a week, very soon i have be having my time of year for about 7 days and am still taking my pills to finish the pack... is that ok? why did my extent even come? will it go away for valentines sunshine? ahhh! I don't understand why it just worked for a week. please help

Answers:    Alright to be exact so weird! Call your doctor and engineer an appointment A.S.A.P.
Not sure why that happened. All doctors speak that you can do that.
I tried to skip my period once and I have the runs for 3 weeks after everytime that I ate!

Call your clinic.

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