Does your PMS or PMT affect your natural life?

Every month it's the same tune from me. OK, some months are better than others but collectively I get PMS a virtuous week before I'm due, sometimes a week and partly before I'm due. I don't want to filch "the pill" because my partner and I would like to try for a child in the in close proximity future. I do bring prozac 20 mg but sometimes it doesn't help that much and I also pinch Evening Primrose Oil and Exercise 5 days a week for more than an hour. My diet is OK but a week before I'm due, I merely seem to munch through and crave sugar etc.. And I have dismal mood swings. I work full-time and sometimes I just quality like I can't cope. Is anyone else like peas in a pod?

Oh, I take a biddable woman's multivitamin daily as capably w/ plenty of B vitamins.

Answers:    Im the same and I other seem to capture every cold etc thats going about at this time as my immune system seem so low.
I try to eat more starchy food around this time as it is supposed to help out. It sounds like you are doing everything to support yourself. My husband is very apt around this time of month as I cause arguments over silly things but they give the impression of being MEGA to me. Ask your GP if there is anything else he could insist on you with.
I hold been on the pill for 9 years. The first 8 years I took the combined pill and suffered seriously less near PMT, since switching to the mini-pill last year I no longer enjoy periods and also no PMT. I know you say-so you don't want to take the pill but unless you are trying right immediately for a baby I would totally recommend it. lifes a * for us women isent it. im exactly like peas in a pod, its my husband and kids i feel sorry for.
yes i gain severe cramps, migranes, diareah, bloating, irritabliilty...i get it adjectives honney :( my wifes affects me!!
Yes, PMS creates a problem in my vivacity but I found that taking B6 in any a bottle itself or as part of a bottle of B Complex to be accommodating for the mood swings.

I would recommend checking with your doctor as okay to see what they say. A hormone lack of correspondence (an example only) could be playing in to some of this.
I never get PMT before I started on the pill and immediately it's almost constant but much worse the 2 days before my 7 daylight break. . . I'm like a woman possessed.

I've found that Evening Primrose capsule work a treat in controlling this though so I don`t know you could give those a try, merely the week before your time, not all the time cos your body get used to it.

Can't promise it'll help beside the cramps but at least you won't grain like bloodbath anyone so the cramps seem lessened because your smaller amount tense.

Also, sugary foods don't serve at all next to mood swings, think of little kids next to sugar rush! cut those out and just enjoy a bit of chocolate if the cravings are that bad (I know what it's resembling! lol)
you poor woman! i feel really doomed to failure for you.. i dint seem to suffer from PMS or PMT.. the uncharacteristic time i get a bit teary around the time but excluding that nothing.
enjoy you been to your docotr I don`t know they can advise some point that wont upset your future caring plans
good luck next to it you have my best wishes! x
Erm... Well I will speak for my mother on this one... she get crampy, depressed, bloated, fatigued and probably more... the doctor told her to take birth control to lessen the effects. She is at the "end stage" of this. But some women just dance through this very without delay with not much "side effects". im a bit*h every month my partner hate it, i get disagreeable and jelous it is really difficult to cope.
Not affecting my life so much, newly everyone within screaming at distance LOL. Yes truly it has, I own had to changeover my pill several times to find one I can cope with, almost in attendance with this one I imagine. Only moody for a day or 2 presently as opposed to previous 8 to 12days!

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