Is it fine that I stopped getting menstrual cramps?

I'm 18 and I stopped getting cramps during my past 4 period. Every period in the past that was accompany by excruciating cramps. Is it normal for them to a moment ago go away?

Answers:    yes, your symptoms can change- it's abnormal, but it's true. Be thankful. Hormonal fluctuations are regular.
Be happy and indebted. It happens. maby u merely got used to them
I enjoy never had cramps, and nought is wrong with me. So I would vote it is fine that you don't get cramps, not adjectives women do. depends girly, think of whats clean r u on birth control? ect., talk to your genecologist if it really b ugs hone or run to and get answers (i love that verbs it's a life saver)
Sure it is, only accept it and be grateful. Periods don't hold to hurt to be periods. Some women hold never had any.
peace im 23 and ive never have any cramps. I wouldnt be concerned about it. Sometimes they come and stir. They might not be gone permently, but thank god for giving u a miracle if only for a few months. :-P

As long as ur still have ur period regularly, u are fine!
yupp it happen...enjoy!!

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