PCOS & Laser Hair Removal ... anyone hold any experience near the 2?

I’ve had 1 call round of laser hair removal. I enjoy lip, chin & cheek hair. It’s be affecting me for 12 yrs. About 5-7 yrs ago I found it was cause by Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The Dr told me it would be 4-5 monthly visits to gain rid of all the obscurity hairs. I travel 2 a dermatology office; there’s singular 1 Dr. doing the laser 1 day a month. Therefore she is other booked. So when they scheduled me for my 2nd appt it have to be in Dec cuz she’s booked. My 1st appt be in Oct, 2nd appt surrounded by Dec, and 3rd appt is in Feb. Actually I have to reschedule my Dec appt cuz I had the flu. Are these gap in treatment going to result in me 2 need more than 5 visit to get rid of the curls? Should I switch 2 a Dr that fits me in monthly? Does laser removal really get hold of rid of hair totally or merely thin it out? I be told cause I enjoy PCOS I'd need intermittent follow up visits since PCOS is producing coat growth hormones. I wonder how often I'll hold 2 follow-up & if it’s worth the $225.00 a visit if it’s not gonna work.

Answers:    I own PCOS but never did laser hair removal or another type of hackle removal method called electrolysis. I done up not doing it because of the costs. I would recommend trying to find a doctor that can schedule you on a monthly idea.

My endocrinologist gave me a medication call Aldactone to help control the excess mane growth. This medication is designed to control the hair growth. I'm also looking at getting a product call Vaniqa to try and help slow the growth of the mane down. I may consider consulting a dermatologist about this to grasp some samples if still available.

If you enjoy more questions for me or would simply like to chitchat feel free to e-mail or IM me stale site any time.
Before you go for laser surgery try dianette its a contraceptive pill used by women who enjoy Pcos - it lessens hackle and helps next to weight problems

If that doesn't work dance ahead with the laser surgery its best to try other methods in the past though.
I also get laser down removal and have found on my cheeks it have done wonders and $225 is allot, mine costs$75 every 5 minutes which fits in my underarms, cheeks and upper-lip so you should do some research but mind only step to a place which specialises in laser down removal. It is worth it, I have have 3 sessions and can see a whole lot of difference. The apology why the doctor recommends coming hindmost every 4 weeks because the hair take this long to grow, even if you do it every 3 months this won't matter this will solely be better because more hair will grow by later so the laser can target more hair follicles. So yes unsurprisingly it will work :)

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