Took EC straight after.I'm majorly unpaid...I'm getting PMS symptoms, but no blood. Whats going on?

Kk so on the first day of my extent (January 5) i had sex. I know this sounds gross and adjectives, but there be no blood at the time, don't worry. The condom broke, and I have an Emergancy Contraceptive within the following 2 hours.
I took both pills at indistinguishable time, instead of doing the 12 interval method.
According to the instructions on the package, I should own received my period in 21days. The 26th of January came, and no luck.
Its presently Febuary 11th. I've taken two home pregnancy tests: one this week and one later week, in the morning. Both resulted surrounded by negative.
My chest is getting sore, which is one of my primary PMS signs, but thats it.

Should I hang around much longer, or go see a doctor? I'm not sure whats going on.

Answers:    I'm hoping it basically delayed your period and you're not pregnant.

The likelihood of conception would have be extremely low given that it was already your time of year and you took the pill in devout time. But hey it's possible I guess.

I do know a late term is common when women filch the morning after pill. Usually it's their second period to be precise late - they attain an early one. But because you took it when you already have your period, it basically might have delayed this one.

That said, you are supposed to gain a period in a month of taking it, or so the instructions say I believe.

The PMS symptoms could any mean your time is coming soon, or they could be pregnancy symptoms I guess.

I would say any keep waiting, or see a doctor for a blood testing if you suspect the pregnancy tests be false negatives.

Good luck.

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